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Hi, I'm Sheri !

I am a mother of 4 (3 girls and 1 boy).

I have several interests/hobbies. I love painting, crocheting, knitting, needlepoint, arts and crafts, sewing, building dollhouses (using the kits, of course), making rag rugs, and COW Collecting! (I am working on my collection of Mary's Moo Moos.) My husband got me started on that collection when he bought me my first one for Christmas (1995). And now there are "cows" everywhere in my home!

I have always enjoyed crocheting since my mother and grandmother got me started at about the age of 9. Of course, with all my children, I have to make the time to enjoy these hobbies (except the cow collecting).

Now that we've gone on-line, I have become a little addicted to the internet! I love working on my homepages and just surfin' the net. (That is, when I have the time!)

Starting on September 1, 1999, I began a new "adventure"! It's called "My adventure in HOMESCHOOLING!" Yes, I made the decision that I am going to homeschool my four children. I know that the road is going to be long and bumpy, but we, as a family, have decided to make this work. I will try to get a site set up to keep track of our homeschooling experiences. So, stay tuned for the next chapter.

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