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Box Sculpture

Collect boxes in a variety of sizes. Set out the boxes along with some tape and some glue. Let the children work together as a group to create a large sculpture by gluing and taping the boxes together.

Treasure Boxes

Let the children personalize boxes for holding treasures. Give each child a box with a lid. Have the children glue collage materials such as buttons, ribbons, fabric and paper scraps, yarn, pasta, glitter, or feathers to their boxes to make them extra special.

Box Prints

Let the children dip the lids of small gift boxes into tempera paint. Then have them press the lids on construction paper to make box prints.

What's In the Box?

Put a surprise object in a shoe box with a lid. Have the children pass the box around and try to guess what's inside. Give clues about the object until someone guesses correctly.

Variation: Each day, have a child bring in a box with an object inside. Let the child give clues until the other children guess what's inside.

Smaller Than

Select a box of any size and show it to the children. Have each child find somethng nearby that is smaller than the box and put it inside.

Where's the Box

Give each child a box. Then have the children follow directions such as these: "Put your box under your chair. Hold you box above your head. Place your box under your arm."

Variation: Put a box in a specific place and ask the children to tell you where it is.

Sorting Game

Set out a round box (such as an oatmeal box), a square box and a rectangular box, along with small objects that are round, square, and rectangular. To play the game, have the children choose objects one at a time and place them in the matching shaped boxes.

Contents and Boxes

Set out boxes and the items that belong inside (a toothbrush box and a toothbrush, a film box and a film can, a shoebox and a pair of shoes, etc.). Let the children put the items into the correct boxes.

Matching Lids and Boxes

Place a variety of boxes and lids on a table. Have the children match the lids to the corresponding boxes.

Nesting Boxes

Find boxes that will fit inside each other in a nesting fashion. (Heart-shaped candy boxes are available in many sizes.) Have the children nest the boxes one inside the other or line them up from smallest to largest.

Lifting and Carrying

Have the children act out lifting and carrying boxes that are large and small, heavy and light. Tell the children to fill their imaginary boxes with cotton balls, bricks, etc. Have the children pretend to fill one box that is so big that everyone must help lift and carry it across the room.

Obstacle Courses

Arrange sturdy cardboard boxes for the children to climb around and over. Open both ends of a box to make a tunnel. Place a series of boxes together to make steps.

Picnic Box Snacks

For each child, pack a snack (or lunch) in a "picnic box". (You may want to include one of the many fruit juices that are packaged in small boxes with straws attached.) Spread a tablecloth on the grass outdoors or on the floor indoors and enjoy a picnic treat.

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