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Photo Frames

Take a photograph of each child. Cut frames out of posterboard to fit around the photos. Let the children decorate their frames with crayons, felt-tip markers, sequins, glitter or rickrack. Attach each child's picture to his or her frame and hang the photographs around the room.

Camera Observations

An old non-working camera is a fun prop for young children. They seem to become more observant of things when pretending to take pictures. Let them pretend to take pictures of their friends and their surroundings and describe what they see through the camera lens.

My Very Own Camera

Sung to : "The Oscar Meyer Theme Song"

Oh, I wish I had

My very own camera,

'Cause this is what

I'd really like to do.

I'd take some pictures of

My friends and family,

And then I'd give

A few of them to you.

Picture Perfect

Hold up a pretend camera (or and old non-working one). Tell the children that you want to take their pictures, but that they will have to follow your directions so that the picture will be perfect. Have each child hold a block or other prop. Then give directions such as these: "Stand next to your block. Hold the block over your head. Put your hands around your block. Sit on your block. Put your block under your arm."

Our Photo Album

Take photographs of places and people the children are familiar with (the local firehouse, a nearby park, the woman at the bakery down the street, etc.) Put the pictures in a photo album. Look at the pictures with the children and talk about the familiar places and faces.

Group Photos

Take photographs of the children involved in different activities. Later, use the pictures to stimulate a group discussion about the children and what they were doing.

Note: Make sure you have permission from parents before photographing the children.

Photo Books

At the beginning of the year, take a photograph of each child. Have the children place his or her photo on the bulletin board with a name card. At the end of the year, take another photo of each child and let the children make books about themselves. Have them place their earlier pictures at the beginnings of their books and their more recent pictures at the ends of their books. Let them fill the middle pages with drawings of their families, friends, pets, favorite books, favorite activities, etc.

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