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Cardboard Candles

Let the children paint empty toilet tissue tubes with tempera paint. When the tubes are dry, have the children glue them upright on small paper plates. Let the children decorate their candles and their plates with glitter, rickrack, pinecones, and macaroni.

Variation: Let the children paint and decorate their candles. Then set the candles in bases of playdough and top with red, orange, or yellow construction paper flames.

Candle Printing

Give the children various shapes and kinds of candles. Let them dip the candles into paint and use them to make prints on pieces of construction paper. Encourage the children to print with the bottoms and the sides of their candles.

Sounds Like "Wh"

Let the children carefully stand in front of one or more lighted candles. Encourage them to say words that begin with the "wh" sound ("where, why, who, when", etc.). Challenge them to blow out the candles by saying the "wh" sound correctly.

Caution: Activities that involve lighted candles require adult supervision at all times.

Eight Little Candles

Cut eight candle shapes and eight flame shapes out of felt. Arrange the candle shapes in a line on a flannelboard. Then read the poem below and let the children take turns placing the flames on the candles.

Eight little candles, one by one,

Were waiting to join the holiday fun.

The first little candle standing in the row,

Said, "Light me now so I can glow."

The second little candle, joining the plea,

Said, "Light me, too, so I can see."

The third little candle, wanting a turn,

Said, "Light me now so I can burn."

The fourth little candle standing in line,

Said, "Light me, too, so I can shine."

The fifth little candle, hoping for the same,

Said, "I will dance if you light my flame."

The sixth little candle, standing so straight,

Said, "Light me now to celebrate."

The seventh little candle, so happy tonight,

Said, "It's my turn now to get a light."

The eighth little candle, waiting so long,

Said, "I may be last, but my light is strong."

Now all eight little candles are burning bright,

Filling the world with the wonder of light.

Happy Candles

Sung to : "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"

Happy candles burning bright,

Shining in the winter night.

Shining there for all to see,

Happy candles, one, two, three.

Happy candles burning bright,

Shine until the morning light.

Candle Clock

Let the children watch time pass with a candle clock. Place two candles that are the same length in candle holders. Burn one candle for 30 minutes. Measure the distance in length between the two candles. Then use that measurement to mark lines down the side of the unburned candle. Set the first candle aside and light the marked candle while the children watch. Explain that when the candle burns down to the first line, 30 minutes will have gone by; when it burns down to the second line, another 30 minutes (or 60 minutes) will have gone by, etc. Then let the children periodically check the candle as it burns.

Caution: Activities that involve lighted candles require adult supervision at all times.

Counting Candles

Have the children pretend that it is someone's birthday and let them make cakes out of playdough. Set the cakes on small plates, jar lids or in small pans. Have the children decorate their cakes with straw sections to represent birthday candles. As they place the candles on their cakes, have them count the candles.

Measuring Candles

Collect many different sizes of candles. Set out the candles and let the children take turns lining them up from smallest to largest.

Candle Salads

To make each salad, place a pineapple ring on top of a lettuce leaf. Stand half of a peeled banana upright in the center of the pineapple ring. Cut off the pointed end of the banana. Use a vegetable peeler to peel off a strip of carrot. Roll the carrot strip into a ring, overlapping the ends. Stick one end of a toothpick through the ends of the carrot strip and one end down into the banana. Pinch the carrot ring to make it look like a pointed candle flame.

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