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Kitty Collage

Cover a bulletin board or a wall with a large sheet of butcher paper. Let the children search through old magazines for pictures of cats. Have them tear or cut out the pictures and paste them on the butcher paper. Then lead the children in a discussion about cats. Have them compare the colors and sizes of the cats in the pictures and talk about what the cats are doing.

The Three Little Kittens

Read the nursery rhyme "The Three Little Kittens" with the children. Cut three kitten shapes out of felt. Then cut three pairs of mitten shapes out of three different colors of felt. Place the kitten shapes on a flannelboard. Mix up the six mitten shapes and place them below the kittens. Have the children help the kittens find their lost mittens by placing a matching colored pair on each kitten.

Variation: Instead of matching colored mittens, have the children match mittens of different shapes, sizes, or patterns.

Color Cats

Cut cat shapes out of red, blue, yellow, brown, green, black, and white construction paper. Let the children decorate the cat shapes with crayons or felt-tip markers. Attach popsicle sticks to the backs of the shapes to make puppets. Have the children sit in a circle. Ask them to name the colors of their cat puppets. Then read the poem below. As the children hear the names of colors that are the same as the colors of their cats, have them raise their cat puppets and say "Mee-ow".

When the cat that is red

Is finally fed,

He raises his head

And says - "Mee-ow!"

When the cat that is blue

Has nothing to do,

He comes up, too,

And whispers - "Mee-ow!"

When the cat that is yellow

Is feeling mellow,

He tends to stretch

And bellow - "Mee-ow!"

When the cat that is brown

Starts stalking the town,

You'll hear his sound

When he cries - "Mee-ow!"

When the cat that is green

Is finally seen,

You'll know what I mean

When I say he can really - "Mee-ow!"

When the cat that is black

Arches his back,

He has an uncanny knack

Of screeching - "Mee-ow!"

When the cat that is white

Comes into your sight,

You very well might

Hear his famous - "Mee-ow!"

Okay, little cats,

Let's hear some "Mee-ows!"

And now it's time

For curtsies and bows.

My Kitten

Sung to : "Sing a Song of Sixpence"

I have a little kitten,

She's black and white and gray.

When I try to cuddle her,

She always wants to play.

So I drag a piece of yarn

Across the kitchen floor.

She thinks it is a little mouse

To chase right out the door.

I'm a Little Kitten

Sung to : "I'm a Little Teapot"

I'm a little kitten,

Soft and furry.

I'll be your friend,

So you don't worry.

Right up on your lap I like to hop,

Purr, purr, purr, and never stop.

Cat Puzzles

Cut large cat shapes out of posterboard. Cover the shapes with clear self-stick paper and cut each one into several large interlocking puzzle pieces. This activity is perfect for small fingers. For older children, increase the difficulty by cutting each puzzle into smaller pieces.

Cat Care

Invite a cat expert, such as a veterinarian, a pet shop owner, or an animal shelter employee to bring in a cat or a kitten to show to your group. Ask the cat expert to demonstrate the proper way to hold a cat and to discuss such topics as feeding, grooming techniques, and exercise. If possible, arrange to have him or her bring in samples of cat supplies such as a feeding dish, a scratching post, and a rubber mouse or catnip toy.

Listening Game

Have the children sit in a circle. Choose one child to be the mother or father cat and sit in the middle of the circle. While the cat hides his or her eyes, pick several children to be baby kittens by tapping their shoulders. Have the baby kittens quickly find hiding spots in the room and make soft mewing sounds. Then have the mother or father cat search for the kittens, listening carefully for their mewing sounds as clues to their locations.

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