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Feet Butterflies

Have each child stand on a piece of paper with feet slightly apart. Trace around each child's feet to make "butterfly wings". Draw a butterfly body between each pair of wings and add antennae and smilling faces. Let the children decorate their butterflies with crayons. Then have them brush glue over their butterflies and sprinkle them with glitter.


Set up an assembly line for this activity. One at a time, have the children remove their shoes and socks and step into a large shallow pan of tempera paint. Help each child carefully step onto and walk across a long strip of butcher paper. Then have the children step into a pan of warm soapy water placed at the end of the paper. Finally, have them walk onto a towel and help them dry off their feet.

Hint: This activity usually requires two or more adults to assist if there are more than five children involved.

Foot Puppets

Have each child stand on a piece of construction paper. Trace around one foot and cut out the shape. Next, glue a tongue depressor to the heel of the foot for a handle. Let the children draw faces on their foot puppets. Then have them answer questions addressed to their puppets. For example: "Where have you walked today? What are your favorite shoes? How high can you jump?"

Dancing Man

Sung to : "This Old Man"

This old man, he has feet,

See him dancing down the street.

With a tip, tap, tip, tap,

Watch him go,

Sometimes fast and sometimes slow.

This old man, he has feet,

See him twirling down the street.

With a tip, tap, tip, tap,

Watch him go,

Sometimes fast and sometimes slow.

Additional verses: "See him leaping down the street. See him jumping down the street. See him marching down the street."

Have the children move their feet or use their foot puppets from the activity above to act out the movements in the song.

Jumping Feet

Cut right and left foot shapes out of dark colored self-stick paper. Peel the backing off the shapes and place them on the floor in a pattern. For example, start a simple pattern by placing two feet together, two feet apart, then two feet together. Make progressively difficult patterns with additional foot shapes. Then let the children follow the patterns by jumping from one set of footprints to the next.

Exploring Feet

Have the children sit on the floor and concentrate on their feet. Have them make running motions with their feet, wiggle their toes, move their feet around in circles, tap their feet together and stomp their feet. Next have them stand up and explore with their feet. Have them move with quiet feet, sneaky feet, heavy feet, big feet, tiny feet, fast feet and slow feet. Ask them to show you their walking feet, their running feet, their marching feet, their skipping feet and their jumping feet.

Counting Feet

Cut six egg cups from a cardboard egg carton. Poke a pipe cleaner through each egg cup to make two legs and bend up the ends to make feet. Decorate the last cup with two eyes and two antennae. Have the children place several of the cups in a row to create a caterpillar. Have them count the number of feet it has. Then let them line up a different number of egg cups and count the feet on the new caterpillar they have made.

Foot Pairs

From construction paper, cut out several pairs of foot shapes in varying sizes. Mix up the shapes. Have the children find the matching pairs of feet, then arrange them in order from smallest to largest.

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