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Ink Hearts

Draw large heart outlines on white paper towels with a black non-permanent felt-tip marker. Let the children brush water over the heart outlines to reveal the other colors contained in the black ink.

Heart Fold-Overs

For each child, cut various sizes of heart shapes out of white construction paper and fold them in half. Let the children lay hearts out flat and place drops of red, pink and lavender tempera paint on one side. Have them fold their hearts and rub the tops with their hands. Then let them open their heart shapes to see the beautiful designs they have created.

Heart Rubbings

Cut hearts out of a variety of textured material (sandpaper, corrugated cardboard, wallpaper, needlework canvas, etc.). Let the children make heart rubbings by placing the hearts under sheets of paper and rubbing across their papers with crayons.

Heart Bears

For each child, cut one brown construction paper bear shape, five small red construction paper hearts to glue on the paws and nose and one large heart to glue on the chest. Then let the children glue the hearts on their bears to make "Beary Happy Valentines".

Heart Prints

Have the children brush white vinegar on white construction paper. Then let them cover their papers with precut red tissue paper hearts. As the vinegar dries, the tissue paper will fall off, leaving red heart prints.

Rhyming Hearts

Cut out ten to twenty red construction paper hearts and glue a magazine picture on each one. Place the hearts in a paper bag and let the children take turns drawing one out. Have the children name words that rhyme with the names of the pictures on the hearts. When all of the hearts have been drawn, have the children place them back in the bag and start all over again.

This Little Heart

Attach heart stickers to the fingers of each child's right or left hand before reciting the poem below.

This little heart is here to say

(Wiggle thumb.)

That this little heart loves you today.

(Wiggle index finger.)

These little hearts

(Wiggle next three fingers.)

Wish Mom, Dad and you

A terrific Valentine's Day, through and through.

Heart Puzzles

Cut eight to twelve heart shapes out of posterboard or construction paper. Cut each heart into a different two-piece puzzle. Let the children take turns putting the heart puzzles together.

Variation: For beginning puzzles, make each one a different color.

Heart Match-Ups

For each child, cut a heart out of red or pink construction paper. Cut each heart in half differently and place the halves in separate piles. Give each child a half from one pile and hide the other halves around the room. Then let the children have fun hunting for the matching halves of their hearts.

Variation: Use one heart for every two children. Cut the hearts into two pieces and give each child a half. Use this game as a mixer or for choosing partners for another activity.

Heart Hunt

Hide twenty or more small red hearts around the room. Then let the children have a "heart hunt". The person who finds the most hearts gets to be King or Queen of Hearts for the day. Make sure everyone finds some hearts.

Heart Box Puzzle

Trace around a heart shaped candy box on a piece of red or pink construction paper or posterboard. Cut out the heart shape, then cut it into puzzle pieces. Then let the children take turns using the box as a puzzle holder while putting the pieces of the heart together.

I've Got a Big Red Heart

Sung to : "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow"

I've got a big red heart,

I've got a big red heart,

I've got a big red heart

That I will give to you.

It brings you love and kisses,

It brings you love and kisses,

It brings you love and kisses

Because you are my friend.

I'm a Happy Little Heart

Sung to : "Little White Duck"

I'm a happy little heart

That's pink and white and red,

A happy little heart

With lace around my edge.

I have three words

On the front of me

That say, "I love you",

Oh, can't you see?

I'm a happy little heart

That's pink and white and red.

Happy little heart!

Heart Waffles

Toast frozen waffles and let the children use cookie cutters to cut them into heart shapes. Then let the children decorate their waffle hearts with powdered sugar.

Red Gelatin Hearts

In a saucepan, bring to a boil 1 cup unsweetened frozen apple juice concentrate and 1 cup water. Sprinkle 2 envelopes plain gelatin and 1 teaspoon unsweetened raspberry Kool-Aid mix into a bowl. Pour in the heated liquid ingredients and stir until gelatin is dissolved. Pour the mixture into a rectangular cake pan that has been sprayed with nonstick vegetable cooking spray. Chill until set. Then use a cookie cutter to cut heart shapes in the gelatin and lift them out carefully with a spatula. Arrange the hearts on top of lettuce leaves placed on small plates and top with mayonnaise and chopped walnuts, if desired. Makes approximately 12 hearts.

Heart Cake

Use your favorite recipe to prepare cake batter. Pour the batter into one round pan and one square pan. Make a large platter for the cake by covering a large piece of cardboard with foil. Place the square cake on the platter with one corner facing downward. Then cut the round cake in half and place the halves against the top two sides of the square cake to make a heart shape. Cover the entire cake with pink frosting and decorate it as desired.

Heart Straws

Turn ordinary drinking straws into party straws by sliding on small valentines. Use purchased valentines or make your own out of red and white construction paper. Fold each valentine in half vertically and make a horizontal 1/2-inch slit near the top and another one near the bottom. Then slide a straw in one slit and out the other.

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