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Lion Puppets

Give the children paper plates, glue, 2-inch pieces of yellow yarn, and felt-tip markers. Have them make lion manes by gluing yarn pieces around the rims of their paper plates. Then let them draw lion faces on the centers of their plates with felt-tip markers. Attach popsicle stick handles to the backs of their plates to make lion puppets.

Lamb Puppets

Set out paper plates, cotton balls, glue, and felt-tip markers. Have the children glue cotton ball "wool" around the rims of the paper plates. When they have finished, let them draw lamb faces on the centers of their plates with felt-tip markers. Attach popsicle stick handles to the backs of the plates to make lamb puppets.


Use the saying, "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb," as a basis for discussing opposites. Older children may understand the meaning behind the saying. Younger children will be more interested in talking about loud lions and quiet lambs. Ask the children to "roar" loudly and "baa" quietly. Can they tell you about times when they must be quiet and times when they can be loud?

Loud and Soft Sounds

Go around your house or school with a tape recorder and record loud and soft sounds. Play the tape for the children. Have them tell you what each sound is and whether it is "loud" or "soft". Some examples might be a door banging, water running, a baby crying, soft music playing, a telephone ringing, and a bird chirping.

Extension: Ask the children to imagine that they are at the beach, in a car, at school, at the grocery store, etc. Have them name a loud sound and a soft sound they might hear at each place.

Winds and Breezes

Give the children light blue crepe paper to hold in their hands. Let them take turns racing across the room and flapping their streamers like strong "lion" winds. Then have them walk back across the room, gently waving their streamers, like soft "lamb" breezes.

Extension: Have the children dance to fast and slow music while holding the streamers.

Like a Lion

Sung to : "Mary Had a Little Lamb"

March comes in like a lion,

Like a lion, like a lion.

March comes in like a lion,

And goes out like a lamb.

March comes in with a great big wind,

Great big wind, great big wind.

March comes in with a great big wind,

And goes out with a breeze.

Lion Salads

Place pineapple rings on small plates to use as lion heads. Let the children add shredded carrots for manes, cherries for noses, and raisins for eyes.

Lamb Salads

To make each lamb salad, place a mound of cottage cheese in the middle of a small plate. Flatten it with the back of a spoon and make a hollow in the center for the lamb's face. Let the children add raisins for eyes and halves of red grapes or cherry tomatoes for noses.

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