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Shadow Pictures

Let each child take a sheet of white construction paper to an outside area. Have the children hold their papers behind leaves or grass to create shadow pictures with the help of the sun. As the pictures last only a moment, have the children work in pairs and share shadow creations with their partners.

Shadow Line-Up

Have the children go outside on a sunny day. Line them up and see if they can identify their shadows. Ask questios such as these: "Can you spot your own shadow? How can you tell it is yours? What causes shadows?"

Shadow Puppets

Cut people or animal shapes out of posterboard. Attach the shapes to tongue depressors. Shine a light on a wall and let the children move their puppets in front of the light. Show them how to make small shadows by standing close to the wall and large shadows by standing far back. Then let them use their shadow puppets to act out the movements described in the poem below.

There is a little shadow

That dances on my wall.

Sometimes it's big and scary,

Sometimes it's very small.

Sometimes it's oh, so quiet

And doesn't move at all.

Then other times it chases me

Or bounces like a ball.

I'd love to meet that shadow

Who dances in the night,

But it always runs away

In the morning light.

Shadow Poem

Write the initial letters of the lines in the poem below on separate squares of paper. Back the squares with felt strips. Then place the letters on a flannelboard to spell "shadow" as you read the poem to the children.

Sun is shining, let's go for a walk,

Hurry outside and around the block.

At your side walks a little friend, too,

Does the very same things you do.

Open the door and go inside --

Where, oh, where does my shadow friend hide?

Shadow Partners

Divide the children into pairs. Have the children in each pair face one another. Ask one child in each pair to move his or her hands slowly while the other child shadows his or her movements. Then have the children reverse roles.

Shadow Dancing

Arrange a bright light to shine on you so that is casts your shadow on a wall. Show the children what a clever shadow you have and how it does everything you do. Show them how you can make your shadow wave, dance, twirl, and even fall down. Then let the children take turns performing with their own shadows while everyone sings the "Shadow Song".

Shadow Song

Sung to : "Skip to My Lou"

Dance, dance, just like me,

Dance, dance, just like me.

Dance, dance, just like me,

Little shadow, just like me.

Additional verses: "Raise your hand, just like me. Kick your foot, just like me. Bend way down, just like me. Flap your arms, just like me."

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