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You're a Star

Let the children be the stars of a bulletin board display you make together. Cut stars out of construction paper, one for each child. Have the children draw pictures of themselves on the stars. Then attach the stars to a bulletin board and add the title "You're a Star".

Variation: Glue a photograph of each child on a star cut out of foil. Then pin the stars on a bulletin board.

Shining Stars

Have the children dip star-shaped cookie cutters (or potatoes cut into star shapes) into paint and press them on paper to make prints. Let them sprinkle glitter on the wet paint to make shining stars.

Nighttime Surprises

For each child, use a white crayon to draw stars on a piece of white construction paper. (Press down hard with the crayon while drawing.) Set out the papers along with brushes and black tempera thinned with water to make a wash. Then let the children brush the tempera wash over their papers to discover the star surprises that will show through.

Star Scopes

Give each child an empty toilet tissue tube with a black paper circle taped over the end. Let the children gently punch holes in the paper-covered ends of their tubes with toothpicks to complete their star scopes. To use, have the children hold their scopes up to the light and look through the uncovered ends. The light will shine through the holes, creating miniature planetariums.

Star Experiment

Ask the children why they think they can see stars only at night. Then ask them to help you do this experiment. Turn on all the lights in your room. Have two or three children stand away from the group and give them each a flashlight that has been turned on. Ask the group if they can see the light from the flashlights. Gradually darken the room. What happens to the light coming from the flashlights? Does it become easier or harder to see? Help the children to understand that just as they can't see the light from the flashlights when the room lights are on, they can't see the light from the stars when the sun is shining.

Color Stars

Make a matching game for the children by cutting a star out of cardboard and coloring each of its five points a different color. Then color the ends of five clothespins to match the colors on the star points. To play the game, have the children clip the clothespins on the matching colored star points.

Arranging Stars

Cut out several sizes of stars. Let the children arrange them in order from smallest to largest. Then have them count the stars.

Star Folders

Draw eight stars on the insides of a file folder and number them from 1 to 8. Draw matching stars on construction paper or index cards and cut them out. Use dots to number the stars from 1 to 8. Give the children the file folder and cutout stars. Let them take turns matching the numbers by placing the cutouts on the corresponding pictures on the file folder.

Wish Upon a Star

Cut a star out of cardboard and cover it with foil. Tell the children that it is a special wishing star and that whoever holds it gets to make a wish. Then give the star to one child and let him or her make a wish. Pass the star around the group until everyone has had a turn making a wish.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Stars

Sung to : "Music, Music, Music"

Twinkle, twinkle, little stars,

Friends of Jupiter and Mars,

All you do the whole night through

Is twinkle, twinkle, twinkle.

Shine, oh, friends of mine,

If wishes really, really do come true,

I will wish tonight on you.

Please, oh please, oh please come true,

The wish I wish tonight on you,

Then tomorrow all day through

I'll twinkle, twinkle, twinkle.

The Stars Are Shining Bright

Sung to : "The Farmer in the Dell"

The stars are shining bright,

See their twinkling light.

When you see the sky at night,

The stars are shining bright.

Star Cookies

Use a favorite recipe to make sugar cookies. Let the children roll out the dough and use star-shaped cookie cutters to cut out star cookies. Arrange the cookies on a cookie sheet and let the children sprinkle them with colored sugar crystals before baking.

Star Sandwiches

Let the children use star-shaped cookie cuttes to cut stars out of pieces of bread. Have them spread softened cream cheese on their stars before eating.

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