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Apple Week (Monday)


Apple Printing: Cut some apples in half vertically and others in half horizontally. Show the children the hidden star inside the apples cut horizontally. Pour small amounts of red tempera paint onto several sponges or paper towels set in shallow containers. Let the children dab the apple halves on the sponges and then gently press the apples on pieces of construction paper to make prints.

The Letter "A": Introduce the letter "A" to the children by showing them the written word "APPLE" and helping them to see that it begins with and "A". Identify children in your group who have names beginning with "A". Cut a large apple shape out of paper and write the letter "A" on it. Have the children cut out magazine pictures of things that have names beginning with "A" and then glue the pictures on the apple shape.


Do You Know the Apple Man? (Sung to: "The Muffin Man")

Oh, do you know the Apple Man,

The Apple Man,

The Apple Man?

Oh, do you know the Apple Man

Who likes to play with me?

Oh, he has a great big smile,

A great big smile,

A great big smile.

Oh, he has a great big smile

And he likes to play with me.

(Continue with other versus that the children make up about the Apple Man.)

Climbing Up the Apple Tree

Climbing up the apple tree, (climb in place)

Swinging on a limb! (Raise arms above head, sway left and right)

If I hear a robin, I may (cup hand near ear)

Sing along with him! (sing tra la la)

"And Robin, if you fly away, (put hands over eyes)

Here's what I think I'll do: (Point with index finger)

I'll wish a pair of sparrow wings (gently flap arms at side and move around)

And fly away with you!"

Ten Red Apples

Here I have five apples. (hold up five fingers on right hand

And here are five again. (hold up both hands)

How many apples altogether?

Why, five and five makes ten.


Apple Smiles: Core and slice an apple into 8 pieces. Spread peanut butter on one side of 2 slices. Sandwich mini marshmallows between peanut butter sides to be "teeth"

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