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Apple Week (Wednesday)


Apple Collages: Give each child a small paper plate and a piece of red paper. Let the children tear their papers into small pieces. Then have them glue the pieces all over their paper plates. Add green paper stems and use the "apples" as room decorations.

Bob For Apples: Fill individual buckets with water. Add apples and allow the children to "catch" them with their teeth.


Apple on a Stick

Apple on a stick, apple on a stick,

I can lick it all day and not get sick.

Apple in a cup, apple in a cup,

I can drink it all day and not fill up.

Apple in a crunch, apple in a crunch,

I can eat it all day, it is so good to munch.

Apple in a cake, apple in a cake,

I can eat it all day with no tummy ache.

Apple in a pie, apple in a pie,

I can eat it all day and never cry.

Apple in a dish, apple in a dish,

I can eat it all day, it's so delish!

Red Apple

A little red apple

Hung high in a tree.

I looked up at it

And it looked down at me.

"Come down, please" I called.

And what do you suppose---

That little red apple

Dropped right on my nose!

Eat An Apple

Eat an apple; (bring hand to mouth)

Save the core. (close hand in fist)

Plant the seeds. (bend down & touch hand to ground)

And grow some more. (extend both arms out)


Apple Banana Frosty: Dice 1 golden delicious apple and blend together with 1 peeled sliced banana, 1/4 cup milk, and 3 ice cubes in a blender. Serves 4 children.

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