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Balloon Week (Thursday)


Jet Balloons: While blowing up balloons, let a few of them go before tying them closed and watch them fly around the room. Have the children try to guess why this happens. What makes the balloons go? How far will they go before they stop? How can you make them go again?

Balloon Jump: Blow up balloons and tie them with long strings. Then hang the balloons from the ceiling at a height that will tempt the children to stretch, jump, and bat the balloons around.


My Balloon (sung to "Pop! Goes the Weasel")

Here I have a big balloon,

Watch me while I blow,

Small at first, then bigger.

(Make circles with thumbs and fingers.)

Watch it grow and grow.

(Make bigger and bigger circles with arms.)

Do you think it's big enough?

Maybe I should stop.

For if I blow much longer,

My balloon will pop!


Balloon Eggs: For balloon snacks, slice eggs for balloon eggs.

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