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Balloon Week (Wednesday)


Balloon Puppets: For each child, blow up a balloon until it is about the size of a large cantaloupe. Tie several strands of curled ribbon around the knot and attach a loop of ribbon large enough to slip over the child's hand. Then let the children make faces on the balloons by sticking on gummed reinforcement circles. When they have finished, let them wear their balloon puppets on their wrists.

Balloon Fish: Partially blow up ten small balloons. Place them in a dishpan full of water. Set the pan on the floor and let the children take turns fishing for the balloon fish with a wire food strainer. Help each child count his or her catch before putting the fish back in the pan.

Juggling Balls: Choose three different colored balloons (two looks OK, but three look great!). Fill the first deflated balloon with rice, using a funnel until the diameter reaches approximately 5-8 centimeters, and then tie off. The rice needs to be pushed down into the balloon occasionally as it often gets clogged. Cut the tail off the second balloon and then cut out three or four 1 centimeter holes in the edge of it. Stretch the second balloon over the first ballon so the holes expose the color of the balloon underneath. The positioning of the holes is up to personal taste. Now, cut the tail off the third balloon and then cut out three or four 1 centimeter holes in the edge of it, and place over the second balloon. Position the third balloon so as the colors of all three balloons can be seen. The more layers of balloons added the greater the strength of the juggling ball.


Red Balloons

Sung to: "Frere Jacques"

Red balloons, red balloons,

Floating up, floating up.

Never let them touch the ground,

Never let them touch the ground.

Keep them up, keep them up.

Repeat, letting the children suggest other balloon colors.


Banana Balloons: For balloon snacks, slice bananas to make banana balloons.

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