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Bear Week (Monday)


Lacing Bear Shapes: Cut brown posterboard into bear shapes and punch holes around the edges. Give each child a bear shape and a piece of colorful yarn with one end tapered to make a "needle". Then let the children lace the yarn throughout the holes.

Bear and the Honeypot: Have the children sit in a circle on the floor. One person is nominated to be the bear and to sit blindfolded on a chair in the center of the circle. The bear is given a rolled up newspaper. A set of keys (the honeypot) is placed under the bear's chair. The bears objective is to guard the honeypot and without leaving their chair prevent the honeypot from being stolen. One by one the children from the circle are chosen to steal the honeypot and take it to the edge of the circle. If they are hit by the bears newspaper, they return to their places. If they succeed in getting the keys, they become the bear. (Note: This game requires all children to be very quiet so that the bear can listen for the "thief". Although this game sounds a little violent, you should have no problems with it as long as you supervise closely.)


Here is a cave:

Read the poem below and let the children make appropriate finger movements.

Here is a cave.

(Bend fingers on one hand.)

Inside is a bear.

(Put thumb inside fingers.)

Now he comes out

To get some fresh air.

(Pop out thumb.)

He stays out all summer

In sunshine and heat.

He hunts in the forest

For berries to eat.

(Move thumb in a circle.)

When snow starts to fall,

He hurries inside

His warm little cave

And there he will hide.

(Put thumb inside fingers.)

Snow covers the cave

Like a fluffy white rug.

Inside the bear sleeps

All cozy and snug.

(Place one hand over the other.)


Peanut Butter Bear Sandwiches: Have the children use a valentine cookie cutter to cut heart shapes out of whole-wheat bread slices (partially frozen bread cuts easily). Show them how to cut off the points of their hearts to make the bread resemble bear faces. Then let each child spread peanut butter on his or her bear face and use raisins to make eyes and a mouth and a cherry to make a nose.

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