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Bear Week (Wednesday)


Teddy Bears' Picnic: Give each child a sitting bear shape cut out of brown construction paper. Have the children brush their shapes with a thin layer of glue. Then let them sprinkle coffee grounds (rinsed and dried) all over the glue and shake off the excess. Set the bear shapes aside to dry. Give each child a small paper plate. Let the children glue precut pictures of foods on their plate to make picnic lunches. Hang a red and white checkered tablecloth on a wall or a bulletin board. Attach the bear shapes to the tablecloth, with each bear holding a plate. If desired, add other shapes cut out of construction paper, such as a picnic basket, a shade tree, a sun ad grass.

Teddy Bear Parade: Give each child a box with a rope pull-handle. Let the children decorate their boxes with crepe paper streamers. When the boxes are decorated, have the children place teddy bears inside. Then play music and let the children pull their boxes around the room in a Teddy Bear Parade.


Three Brown Bears (Sung to: "Three Blind Mice")

Three brown bears,

Three brown bears,

See all their beds,

See all their chairs.

The mommy cooked in

A big brown pot,

The daddy's porridge

Was much too hot,

The baby bear

Always cried a lot,

Three brown bears.


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