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Box Week (Thursday)


What's In the Box?: Put a surprise in a shoe box with a lid. Have the children pass the box around and try to guess what's inside. Give clues about the object until someone guesses correctly. (Variation: Each day, have a child bring in a box with an object inside. Let the child give clues until the other children guess what's inside.)

Matching Lids and Boxes: Place a variety of boxes and lids on a table. Have the children match the lids to the corresponding boxes.

Paint the Barn: Place a large or medium-sized corrugated cardboard box (a large appliance carton such as a refrigerator is ideal) on a drop-cloth and give the children red tempera paint and paint brushes. Cut out barn doors on the front of the box. Let the children paint the "barn". After the box has dried, let the children pretend to be particular animals in the barn.



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