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Box Week (Wednesday)


Box Prints: Let the children dip the lids of small gift boxes into tempera paint. Then have them press the lids on construction paper to make box prints.

Contents and Boxes: Set out boxes and items that belong inside (a toothbrush box and a toothbrush, a film box and a film can, a shoebox and a pair of shoes, etc.). Let the children put the items into the correct boxes.

All About Me Box: Discuss with the children how each person is special. Invite children to each create an All About Me Box by coloring or painting the outside of a shoebox. Have the children cut pictures of favorite things and interests from magazines to add to the box. Children can also draw pictures of favorite things. Some things for children to think about including in their boxes are pictures of a favorite toy, a favorite color, a favorite food, a favorite activity, and a favorite animal. Children may want to include photographs of their families, their pets, or their class. Have the children share their boxes with you and discuss the things that are special. Compare those items with the things you consider special.



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