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Below is a list of themed activities that I have on file. Please feel free to use these activities. If you do use them, please e-mail me and let me know about your experiences. At this time, I am not planning on adding any more activities to this list. My time is rather limited now that I have four children to homeschool.

Please be advised that some of these ideas may have been taken from a source called the Theme-a-Saurus. I will try to investigate this, as these were ideas given to me from several different sources over many, many years. I was very grateful to everyone who helped me out when I needed it...and I would like to help out as many others as I can. Although I am no longer doing daycare, I am trying to keep this sight active for others to use. I know, from experience, how wonderful it is to have input from others when you have run out of ideas of your own.

Thank you for visiting!

Apples Balloons Bears Bees Bells
Birds Boxes Bubbles Bunnies Butterflies
Buttons Cameras Candles Cans Caterpillars
Cats Circles Clowns Cookie Cutters Corn
Cowboys Dinosaurs Eggs Feet Fish
Gingerbread People Groundhogs Hands Hats Hearts
Leaves Lions & Lambs Milk Paper Plates Peanuts
Pizza Popcorn Potatoes Pumpkins Rain
Reindeer Rocks Sand Shadows Shapes
Snow Spiders Stars The Sun Teeth
Trees Turkeys Water Watermelons Worms
Yarn Zebras

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